Wallpaper Wednesday LXXI

Posted December 28, 2011 • 1,039 views

Sometimes I wonder why I bother to post something on this site — because I hate talking and writing lol. But I somehow managed to scrape stuff for the last 5 years. Enough of this useless rambling, here are your »

Website Update

Posted December 28, 2011 • 272 views

I haven’t done this in a while so let me just enumerate some site changes. It ain’t really big but at least I tried informing you guys so you all better read. 1) At the front page before the news »

Caterina Sforza

Posted December 28, 2011 • 1,456 views

   But… there is one they fear. In their tongue… she is ‘Dovahkiin’ – Caterina Sforza! Hmm… wrong realm. This is Ceterina Sforza’s cosplay from Trinity Blood, and rawr, it looks really elegant, to a point where I’m jealous. I have »

Hulk Hogan laiks Pokemans

Posted December 28, 2011 • 740 views

   And he’s not the only one. Okay, actually, among all the celebrities he’s the only one that likes Pokemon, but that kinda makes him even more badass *remembers Nanny Hogan* Yeah… The actor who played Edward in Twilight likes Mushishi, »

Free Tickets to Japan Cancelled

Posted December 27, 2011 • 946 views

A few months ago, news came out that Japan is giving 10,000 free round trip tickets to foreigners in order to promote the safety of visiting Japan. Sadly, today the Japan Tourism Agency announced that its “Fly to Japan!” project »


Posted December 27, 2011 • 393 views

   Rawr, Christmas went through with a lovely atmosphere for me and some quality time with my hubby. Then again, it was a lot of work to make everything perfect, and yeah, I had to reduce the time I’ve spent on »

Christmas Gift

Posted December 26, 2011 • 708 views

Christmas is over, what stuff did you get from Santa? Or from parents, family, friends, whatever. Do you still receive gifts or are you the one giving gifts? What would you do if you wake up and find this gift »

Christmas = KFC

Posted December 25, 2011 • 474 views

Hmm, here’s some interesting tidbit. Apparently, a lot of people in Japan go to KFC during Christmas time to get — chicken. Danny Choo explains why. One day at KFC’s Aoyama branch, a foreigner went to buy some chicken at »

Merry Christmas!

Posted December 25, 2011 • 549 views

We have different time zones but it doesn’t matter! This is definitely my favorite day of the year so I hope you all are having a good time! Eat a lot, drink a lot, party lots and give a lot »

Madoka Magica Online Browser Game

Posted December 24, 2011 • 1,381 views

   The online game company Strategy & Partners announced on Wednesday that it agreed with Aniplex to develop and run a Puella Magi Madoka Magica Online browser game for personal computers. It aims to begin service on the game next spring. »