3D Anime Mouse pad

Just found this on eBay. What the hell?! I don’t even…do people really buy this stuff? The eBay post says “girl silicone mat pads”. I doubt that this is a girl though.


I heard you like maids…

Finally back to GO for the 90521th time! Not much time to post but let me leave this gift for all maid lovers out there…


To Steal or to be Stolen Double!

I am 100% sure that you all enjoyed Meme50′s We’re all in heat!!! and now here are more goodies for you. Two sequels following the pervert Ikemoto and Tachikawa. Only this time onee-chan comes...


List of manga recommendations

We got a list of worth while anime last Monday, today we a list of recommended manga. Again a bit outdated but still legit recommendations. Anything to add? How many have you read?


Fueta Kishi: Tanashi-san Sitting On My Lap

I featured this artist before and I found another Fueta Kishi work that deserves some attention. The title is “Tanashi-san Sitting On My Lap”. It is about a virgin who was suddenly put in...


Food Hentai?

Can you even consider this hentai? A bunch of girls eating their favorite foot long with lots and lots of mayonnaise. I still consider this NSFW. Enjoy everyone! Sauce is of course /h/ where...


Why do anime glasses shine?

Have you ever wondered why anime glasses always shine when you touch it in a certain way? Got this from the Blind Bandit via Gehrome Serrano.