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03-26-2008, 10:16 PM
Just started playing it, i'm a lvl5 Archer Elf. Ain't read into the story line too much nor the gameplay etc... But i'm liking it, the world is something like 15,000 sq miles of gameplay, and takes about 1 hour + to walk from one of the end of the map to the other...

Also i can fly, so i pretty much kick the most ass ever... and with that i can kick these monsters asses in the sky, i'm not talking like 5m's fly, i'm talking like 100-500m's in the air kick ass...

All in all big ass game, i'm only lvl 5 so havn't had much chance to explore but i'll give some kind of a review when i reach something of a decent level...

Anyone else play?

03-26-2008, 10:44 PM
One of my friends told me to play it but I didnt had a chance going to download it now tho.

Its perfect world btw and url is PERFECT WORLD (English) (http://www.perfectworld.com.my/) for anyone is interested

03-26-2008, 10:53 PM
No lie i was thinking of playing it and still is well i will try it >_> just tell me what sever you guys on for we can play

03-27-2008, 05:02 AM
Looks interesting. Thank god for spring break... I might play. My name has to be Cruss!!! If someone took it I'm gonna rape their ass!

03-27-2008, 05:05 AM
lol mines going to be hades heart or serph or skeith

Edit: i just played pretty good i got a elf Archer and am on the new sever the other one didnt work >_> names are zSerphz for 2nd sever and 1srt xSerphx

03-27-2008, 11:41 AM
pretty cool game I might play....

Rebirth COČ
03-27-2008, 11:46 AM
Looks interesting, I might try it out later, or when I get a new comp. =P

Characters look pretty cool too. =3

04-03-2008, 12:12 AM
Okay, my character name is "Zeenon" someone took "Zenon"...(I use this name for a Warrior in all games...)

Yeah, I'm a warrior, I'm currently level 12.