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10-25-2011 until 02-07-2106
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GenerationOtaku.Net Rules and Regulations

1. Respect each other. This is self explanatory.

2. No profanities allowed except for special sections but still, limit it's usage you don't really need to use those.

3. Rude, vulgar or obscene msgs/pictures will be deleted on the spot except for the Hentai and Ecchi forum.

4. You must use english when posting so everyone will understand what you're trying to say.

5. Before creating a thread, search the forum first for similar topics.

6. When posting a message, stay on topic. As much as possible, DO NOT post 2 messages in a row on the same thread. Make sure that your posts actually makes some sense. Moderators will be assigned to monitor all forum posts.

7. Posting images. Use Photobucket, Tinypic or Sadpanda to upload your images. Do not use Imageshack because it is not accessible to some parts of Asia.

8. Signatures should contain not more than 200 words. Signatures (images) should not be bigger than 200 px high and 500 px wide. You can have up to 5 images maximum.

9. Only the Admins can create forums and categories for now.

10. The Primera's (that's me) decision is final.

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