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Picture of the Day: Hardcore Gamer

Posted January 16, 2012 • 2,268 views

NSFW. If you are like this, then you are definitely a hardcore gamer. Playing games like a boss! »

Forum Sunday: The GO Report

Posted January 15, 2012 • 628 views

So, uh…. Hi! I’ve been neglecting my readers. To those that read my articles, I deeply apologize. Life has ways of throwing curveballs and sliders at you without prior warning and that just really sucks. I ask not for forgiveness »

Wallpaper Wednesday LXXIII

Posted January 12, 2012 • 1,404 views

A few updates before jumping to the walls. The website was down earlier due to server issues but everything should be up and running right now and should be a tad faster. If you are still getting a slow connection »

Weird Snacks (Good)

Posted January 11, 2012 • 896 views

Two words say everything. (actually, it’s three counting the good) Nothing grotesque that will make you vomit here, we’ll save that for later. Right now, we’ll just look at some awesome dessert and drinks we wish we have right now. »

Best of: Japanese Pranks

Posted January 10, 2012 • 878 views

   Rawr, while spending the night together with hubby, we decided to have some lulz. What does a normal pair do when they search for laughs? They google for kitten videos ofcourse. One related video after another lead to Japan. You »

The First Reveal

Posted January 10, 2012 • 432 views

Caturday Strikes Back

Posted January 08, 2012 • 1,887 views

   Rawr, since I’m a nekomimi, I have the right to be lazy. I mean, productively post cat videos to remind you I still exist. Yes, I’m alive, PHEAR ME RAWR!!! By the way, do leave a comment if you think »

Wallpaper Wednesday LXXII

Posted January 04, 2012 • 1,171 views

I noticed that not a lot of people are complaining over the use of Imageshack. Is this host working for everyone now? It used to block parts of Asia so I tried to avoid it but I haven’t gotten any »

Hard G Ramen Shop

Posted January 04, 2012 • 1,323 views

RDTR= Relatively Dangerous To Rep. All warnings should be taken seriously. Please don’t eat or drink. DISCLAIMER: I MEANT NO HARM IN THE MAKING OF THIS. Most of you who click on this article are probably dying to know what’s »

New Editor

Posted January 02, 2012 • 449 views

TESTING! ALLO! 123! *cough* I’m Mouse, your new editor! I’ll take postings on Thursday and Saturday from now on. This introduction will be brief, because I’m pretty sure any kind of first impression you have of me will be useless »