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Final Fantasy XV Gameplay

Posted June 11, 2013 • 851 views

Because I am such a big Final Fantasy fan boy, you will probably see a lot of FFXV news post in the next few days. This one is a video showing Final Fantasy XV’s game play. It looks similar to »

PlayStation 4 or XBOX One?

Posted June 11, 2013 • 856 views

Image from Ars Technica. XBOX One was launched a few weeks ago and it caused an uproar among gamers and XBOX fans alike. It is expensive at almost $500, requires you to connect to the internet at least once a »

Tera Online

Posted March 07, 2013 • 1,861 views

Because of my somewhat busy schedule, I haven’t watched any anime for the past few months save for Hunter x Hunter. However, I did find this gem that you may want to try out simply because it is free. Tera »

Your favorite game console

Posted November 07, 2012 • 2,373 views

So, what will it be gentlemen (and ladies)? »

Playing Super Mario tune with a violin

Posted October 08, 2012 • 1,006 views

This an old video buried in YouTube. A guy in a suit is playing the Super Mario tune with matching sound effects using only his violin. »

The Force is strong on this gamer

Posted August 29, 2012 • 2,280 views

Warning: might be NSFW. This is a video shows a Chinese gamer who is completely focused in an RPG game instead of checking out the booth babes. How do you think you would act when facing a similar situation? Some »

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is NOT dead!

Posted July 28, 2012 • 1,449 views

Believe it or not, but it has been SIX years since Square-Enix first showed the Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer. It was received very well because it looks so damn awesome. But, that was a very long time ago and »

Resident Evil 6 20-minutes of gameplay

Posted June 24, 2012 • 1,219 views

This is one of those games where every single game is almost the same but is still entertaining (shooting and blasting zombies is so much fun). Resident Evil 6 will launch on October 2012, and CAPCOM provided 20-minute video of »

Square-Enix Agni’s Philosophy

Posted June 06, 2012 • 1,869 views

Sorry to disappoint Square or Final Fantasy fans, this is not another Final Fantasy installment. Agni’s Philisophy is just a tech demo to showcase Square’s Luminous Studio engine. While the real-time rendered graphics is pretty sick, I’m actually more interested »

Steve Blum Holds the world record for providing over 261 voices in Videogames

Posted June 05, 2012 • 1,478 views

As He was asked to come in to the studio of nickelodeon to voice for their cartoons. Steve Blum was in for another surprise as the Guinness Book Of World Records came in to announce that he now holds the »