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Harlem Shake

If you haven’t seen this yet, good for you. You are better off not seeing this because you will lose 36 seconds of your life and you won’t get it back. A lot of...


Batman pulled over by police

Even if you are Bruce Wayne, even if you are Batman, the police will still get you. A few days ago the Montgomery County police pulled over the Caped Crusader in his Lamborghini because...


ALARM: A short animation

It is very, very hard to wake up in the morning and each of us have our own routine. This short but awesome animation by Team Mesai shows one guy’s technique to get himself...


True friend

Once upon a time there were two friends who need to escape. But…


Class Picture Level: ASIAN

Sometimes you just have to wonder why the girls in your class aren’t doing awesome things like this. And the teacher don’t give a damn.