What is the title of this anime?

I need some help guys. What is the name of this anime? For some reason I was hit with a sudden desire to watch it.


I am serious about this.

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10 Responses

  1. santa_02003 says:

    It’s a scene from Campione…

  2. yes it’s from campione ‘-’

  3. Juggle Juggle says:

    I wonder what made Daemon wanted to watch it fufufu~

  4. Cuatro Cuatro says:

    Campione eps 1.. the story of a harem king

  5. Whatever it is, something makes me want to watch it
    not sure what exactly tho…

  6. kevinner says:

    lol thats campion

  7. skyprince11 says:

    Its about this guy who meets a girl then all this stuff happen…well, that’s how it starts out.

    Its Campione btw.

  8. moonray moonray says:

    i guess its for that purpose, HAHAH XD

  9. Kimiko says:

    Wonder how you guys know… *cough* perverts *cough-cough* ♡

  10. kAvLoMiRiS says:

    guess the name is High School Of The Dead. :D
    and he is the Nurse don’t remember name right now :/