Wallpaper Wednesday XCVII

Whew I almost forgot this one! I got a little bit preoccupied watching news from the Philippines. It has been raining for days and several areas are flooded. Some flood waters are even reaching up to 13 feet deep. Terrible news.

Going back to Wall Wednesday, I have received quite a number of messages asking me to name where each wallpaper came from. Unfortunately I can’t. It’s either the walls are very obvious where it came from or it may be just an original work. So if you are interested to know more info about a wallpaper, it is best to ask in the comments section. I’m sure some of our members would be more than happy to answer you.

Get the wallpapers here!

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7 Responses

  1. SHot-OS says:

    Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Link!!!!!! <3

  2. PC_Suchti says:

    Could you at least use some kind of unique naming? I have like 10 walls “w1.jpg” xD maybe you could just add what week they are from something along the lines of “XCVII_w1.jpg”? would be great! ^^

  3. Grimmjow!

  4. itsmelaurixx says:

    uhm, hey. am i d only one here who cant have this walpaper???

  5. kevinner says:

    this is not a wallpaper!?!?!?!? i cant get full view!!!!