Monster Girl Tuesday

I was supposed to post this earlier but there are too many of them that it took a while to reduce size/upload each monster girl. As usual I got this on /a/ and there are some sort of rules for you to consider when picking your own monster girl.


Trapped naked in an unknown continent, you must survive for an indefinite amount of time. You are not alone, and as one of the few humans, your body will be in high demand by the local monsters.

Fortunately, you were discovered by a pair of sentient monster girls who have vested interest in keeping you alive as a lover or a slave. Choose wisely, lest you be eaten or sucked dry by less benevolent monsters.


- The continent appears to exist within a pocket dimension unreachable by normal means.
- You will not encounter any other monsters from the list after you make your selection. All other monsters are malignant and intelligent ones are few and far between. If there are other men on the continent, you won’t encounter them.
- You have been stripped of all gear, even medical devices and implants. However, any physical ailments and disorders have been cured.
- Dominant monsters will engage in sex regardless of whether you consent and typically take joy in raping you. They will generally not listen to you. Equal monsters will not rape you so long as they receive an adequate amount of sex, although they may occasionally do it for fun, as they are still monsters. They will listen to you as long as you make a persuasive argument. Submissive monsters will only rape you if they are extremely starved for sex but are willing to engage in vigorous but consensual rape roleplay. They will almost always listen to you. Most monsters enjoy using their abilities for sexual purposes. However, these labels are trumped by individual descriptions.
- Your children will always be loyal to their mother and will be loyal to you if she is submissive or equal to you.
- Incestuous relationships cannot produce children.
- Hostile monsters that have lethal injuries will disappear and be reborn elsewhere in one month. However, they will not remember you or your location.
- You may choose one or both of your partners to be futanari. While the cock is indistinguishable from a normal one, it adds no new functionality to the monster girl (i.e. she cannot impregnate or provide sustenance).

Have fun picking your monster girls!

I know it is a lot no? ^^

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12 Responses

  1. nightcaster says:

    Holstaurus Farmer + Elf ranger

    Perfect combo for a peaceful non-nomadic life with decent to awesome level of defenses/security.

    As for the sex, since they treat me equal, i can work my way into dictating when the sex comes.


  2. Mermaid Fisherwoman and Mantis Blademaster

    I’m a lazy ass so this seems to be good and epic rough sex with one of them XD. I let my penis do most of the thinking ‘-’

  3. Mermaid Fisherwoman and Mantis blademaster ‘-’

  4. 2339655 2339655 says:

    dryad priestess and doppelganger impersonator. ;D

  5. Marken35 Marken35 says:

    Going with a similar build as Nightcaster, but replacing Holstaurus Farmer with Yuki-Onna Gardener. I’d think that the threat of freezing anything to death would keep invaders from getting close to her place. Plus, having that kind of a submissive partner would probably make the Elf Ranger be as tsundere as the Centaur Archer.

    Though I have to admit that the Doppelganger Impersonator has the most to offer in terms of the mana transfer process… XD

  6. skyprince11 says:

    I’m going with Mermaid Fisherwoman and Yuki-Onna Gardener, what can I say, I love the two elements and both of them compliment each other very well. But I’d rather see both of them as my equal if possible.

  7. HentaiKing HentaiKing says:

    To survive there i´d go with:

    - Amazon Warrior + Elf Ranger

    But to have fun how about we get alil freaky:

    - Succubus Temptress (futanari!!) + Dark Elf Adventurer

    And when it gets realy freaky we’ll go for:

    Baphomet Corruptor + Scylla Pirate ( i mean come on every good hentai needs tentacle’s! XD)

  8. Muragoeth Muragoeth says:

    I dont quite get it. You just have to pick 2? And what kind of game are we going to use these choices for?

    • Daemon Daemon says:

      honestly i do not know myself lol. i think those rules are just guides on how you choose the monster girl that you like.

  9. killjoy920 killjoy920 says:

    I think i would go with the lamia & dark elf.

  10. hmmm just been thinking of an orgy with all of these monster girls…’-’

  11. Damrod says:

    I think the nightmare sommomancer in combination with the dark elf or normal elf would be fun to have, although both elfes and the nightmare sommomancer together would probably be even more fun. The normal elf being tsundere and all, the dark elf being sadistic to the other two while the nightmare gets her fun when you are asleep.