Flood in the Philippines

It has been raining hard for the past few days in the Philippines and as expected, a lot of areas in Metro Manila and its surrounding areas got flooded. From what I was told there was no typhoon, just heavy rains.

These were taken from different people’s Facebook posts. Lol at the last two pictures. Also, to see more flood pictures, try doing a search on “typhoon ondoy”.

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5 Responses

  1. moonray moonray says:

    Daemon-sama, i guess at some part here in the Philippines, it reached 22 ft above sea level.. :(

  2. Juggle Juggle says:

    Argh! di ako makaluwas nyahahaha! baha!

  3. Defiler Defiler says:

    last pic is plain stupidity. either die from disease or electrocution

  4. Barak says:

    the only good news for me on this is that, we had no classes for 2 days now. i hope kojo’s car was not stranded in that kind of flood in the city. xD

  5. strider007 strider007 says:

    it’s really terrible .. were just lucky that here in our place is not flooded like that.