Anime Monday

Hmm I am kinda happy that I have committed myself to watch 3 anime series so far and 5 mangas. I hope to get more so I don’t fall asleep at work lol.

* In case you are wondering why there was no Bleach chapter last week, the manga did not make it because of Kubo Tite’s poor health. Manga will resume 08/20. This is the part where Kenpachi is supposed to do something epic. Maybe finally getting a bankai?

* For NGE fans, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto will resume the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga this October.

* A new Initial-D anime is coming.

* Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai gets a 2nd season.

* Team Japan wins the Cosplay World Summit 2012. It would’ve been be embarrassing if they didn’t since they are considered the cosplay center of the world. But of course we have a lot of talented cosplayers all over.

* Ero fans rejoice! Rescue Me! Ero-comedy manga Rescue Me! has been green-lit for an anime.

* Dance in the Vampire Bund will end September 5.

* Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days manga will end on August 11. I don’t think anyone is even reading this.

* Kill Me Baby! may get a 2nd season.

Little Busters trailer

Ao no Exorcist movie trailer

009 Re:Cyborg movie trailer

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