What will you do when anime isn’t free anymore?

I am not sure if you are aware of it but over the past few years free file hosts have become increasingly vigilant in checking what files are hosted on their website. With the Megaupload snafu these few remaining websites either closed or turned into a “cloud” storage website. Mediafire and iFile (now filecloud) being the latest converts. It may not matter much to ordinary netizens but for anime fans, this is very important — the door that opened them to anime is now slowly closing.

According to Lord Beckett in the Pirates of the Caribbean: “The world is shrinking. The blank edges of the map filled in. Jack must find his place in the new world or perish.” I think this applies to the current state of anime. Decades ago, no one cared if you make copies of VHS or CDs and distribute it to your friends. Less than 10 years ago, there are hordes of anime websites offering any genre of anime that you like. I would call that the glory days of anime, from the 1990s up to 2007 maybe? I am not sure but at some point majority of the anime series became less awesome and boring to me.

Maybe less than 5 years ago, the world has caught up with anime. With the help of the internet, with the help of diligent translators and encoders, with the help of anime website admins, with the help of hardcore fans that watched encoded 40 mb files from their Real Player, companies have realized there might be a potential profit in anime. Licenses were given out and the hunt for licensed anime uploaded in the web has begun. Awesome free file hosts have come and gone. Rapidshare was pretty good at the start. So is Megaupload. Turboupload, Filefront, Filefactory, then Mediafire came and became popular because of its simplicity and reliability.

Present, 2012. Turboupload is closed. Megaupload was busted. Rapidshare and Mediafire are trying to move to be a cloud storage site. They now require you to register. Thousands of anime files are being removed from the net due to “copyright infringement”. Downloaders are now being turned to “paid subscribers”. It is only a matter of time before all the free stuff are gone. Anime, manga, eroge, hentai, all gone…*gasp*. When that happens, what will you do?

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17 Responses

  1. Vortexblade Vortexblade says:

    Anime will always be free. People won’t adapt to fit into the expected. They’ll invent something new to get around the new rules.

    Where there is a will, there is a way.

  2. Siopaopao says:

    There’s always torrent. 8D

  3. Internet is supposed to be free…
    An Internet War will surely commence if RL Law tries to put ‘order’ in there.

  4. blah blah blah “….Hentai……” *pause* “NOOOOOOO!!!!” there are always loop holes the more complicated the more exploitation, there will always be HENTAI and rest, that will be FREE!!!!!

  5. moonray moonray says:

    only the rich otakus can afford if this would happen grr..

  6. ZoloK says:

    As Siopapao said.. Theres always torrents, and besides torrents, theres always Mirc ^^
    No reason to panic ! xD

  7. skyprince11 says:

    Get them anime while they are still out there. And as for anime/manga no longer free…

    Well, a wise man once said this:

    “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”
    -The Professor

  8. HentaiKing HentaiKing says:

    Somehow i believe that eventho the censorship on the internet is on the rise, it won´t go down without a fight and considering we are growing more and more into a virtual life everyday, with social media playing a huge role in that. There is no way that they can shut the distribution down completely. It would in most cases take away the right of free information, and very large part of net users wont stand for that.

    It might not be an incredibly huge amount of people but awareness is spreading more and more. Think back to SOPA/PIPA and in europe ACTA these were laws that would restrict alot of internet activity, but thnx to the awareness of the net users, the voice of the internet got heard and they got scrapped ( thankfully!!! )

    anywho enough rambling! MOAR Hentai! for the HentaiKing!!!

    • foouu foouu says:

      Like in a dubstep mix I heard recently, “Fuck SOPA!”

    • Daemon Daemon says:

      you see that’s the thing. the more the internet cookie jar grows, more and more people want to put their hands in it. it will probably be up to net neutrality supporters to defend internet freedom.

  9. Juggle Juggle says:

    I think during the dragonball era …. internet downloading is pretty rare so the amount of ANIME that is well known was small … specially the manga ( had to DL them from IRC, hentai was kinda hard since I only have 5kb dial up connection at that time and getting my 100mb harddrive full was hard lololz ) ….

    during the free stream/dl/read online …. the anime titles that are unknown have become popular >.< if not for spreading the word and having samples ( yeah, those 20-40mb encoded anime titles was hard to get at that time ) served as an eye opener for the whole world lol …. when did those ANIME cons came? …. only problem with torrents nowadays is I can't find converted ones ( rmvb / mkv ) 70mb files lol

  10. nightcaster says:

    I am not sure but at some point majority of the anime series became less awesome and boring to me.

    ^ I know that feel bro.

  11. bountykilla bountykilla says:

    My friend who is a reddit.com junkie wastelling me about how there was some talk about a similiar subject. They were trying to find a solution for when the goverment takes over the internet and more then just filesharing sites would screw us and other techsavy people like us.
    Their solution was to create an “underground internet.”
    After that was proposed everyone thought it was a great idea, but raised a new problem, how will it be done?
    One person said that we could use satellite dishes in some fashion and somehow create our own internet. And we could encrypt the internet so we can lock out the government.

    What do you think of the idea of an underground internet?
    lol i think it sounds cool, sort of like a russian black market ordeal
    any comments or solutions? Because we are all doing our best to protect our free domain from money hungry government, companies, and corrupt congressman.

    • Juggle Juggle says:

      If a concentrated connection like that is breached by those government guys it will lead to mass arressts O.O …. kinda worrisome ….

    • HentaiKing HentaiKing says:

      The people behind the pirate bay are already working on something sort of similair by trying to host their services outside of any juristiction, or well thats something i read that they want to achieve. By using a form of drones above the oceans and having those have short wave connections between eachother.

      It sounds interesting especialy if the corruption of a free internet is at risk.

    • Daemon Daemon says:

      i think this one is unlikely given the resources needed to run a decent internet network. maybe dial up speeds network is plausible but not megabit connections. maybe. hmm..