I recommend Kokoro Connect

As I crawl my way back to watching anime, I picked up another gem that is too good to pass. Kokoro Connect is adapted from the light novel series written by Sadanatsu Anda. The plot is simple: it is about five students who gets their souls swapped random. Unreal? That’s what I thought. Each of the students have their own unique circumstances and each time they swap their souls, they all get a glimpse of what each one of them is going through.

Why is this a recommended series?

I started watching this thinking it maybe a good comedy/harem series but after just 3 episodes, it offers so much more. Aside from being in the comedy/supernatural/school life genre, I see a lot of drama behind it. As a group, it is all about fun and mischief — a “normal” guy, a pervert, a martial artist, a “one of the boys” type of girl and a sarcastic-stoic girl all came together and decided to create a club because they do not want to go to any other club. Sounds cool but once you get past that and they start swapping their souls, they start to realize that things are not what they seem. Each of them have some kind of burden to carry and eventually they will all need each other’s help to get by. Really good stuff and I like it.

I do not want to get into any more details, just go and check it out yourself. To enjoy it fully, watch it with an open mind, do not expect and compare it with any other series, watch and enjoy it for what it is and what it has to offer ^^

Oh, and WTF is this?! LOL. Spoilers for latest episode just below. Not sure if Inaba is serious but, wow.

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Screen shots from episodes 1 to 3.

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13 Responses

  1. pranta0013 pranta0013 says:

    Ok I will have a go at this ^.^

    I recommend “Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita”.

  2. Cuatro Cuatro says:

    recommend this also.. the story may start slow but it become more intense later.. and eps 4 just made my day with the “confession” being made.. XD

  3. HentaiKing HentaiKing says:

    somehow this kinda reminds me of the Hentai Game X-Change XD

  4. nightcaster says:

    Sword Art Online is also a good show to watch. A good twist in the story and the hero’s role is pretty interesting.

  5. :O i’ve been needing something to watch, i’ll check this out~ ^^

  6. Silver21 says:



  7. shinn shinn says:

    yoshh!! gonna try this one…

  8. its a good one i liked it too

  9. tiga88 says:

    epic confession, best ever!

  10. necrodiver says:

    hm soul swap interresting subject knowing how and what the others feel a int a bad thing at all might be interresting even sorry for not using commas never been a fan of them well seems to be a good pearl ill give it a shot who know as the french say i might find my next coup de coeur

  11. 2339655 2339655 says:

    lol I couldn’t resist looking at the spoilers. XD
    sounds interesting. will definitely download. It’s true we shouldn’t compare though, made that mistake with hyouka and that turns out to be quite nice. thanks btw. ^^