Steve Blum Holds the world record for providing over 261 voices in Videogames

As He was asked to come in to the studio of nickelodeon to voice for their cartoons. Steve Blum was in for another surprise as the Guinness Book Of World Records came in to announce that he now holds the world record for the most prolific videogame voice actor in history as he has been credited in over 261 video games. Millions of fans have ran to his facebook to give him congrats and as a site, We of GenerationOtaku would also like to congratulate him for his amazing achievement of doing 261 videogame voices as he continues to do more in the future. As this picture was posted on his facebook, He post, and In quotes,

So this happened today… (Thanks Nickelodeon, Gaz and Freddy from Guinness, and my dear pals Dee Baker and Kim Bowman for the support!)

Once Again Steve blum, Congrats on your world record :) if you would all love to say thanks and hello for his achievement, his facebook is down below.

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