Square-Enix Agni’s Philosophy

Sorry to disappoint Square or Final Fantasy fans, this is not another Final Fantasy installment.

Agni’s Philisophy is just a tech demo to showcase Square’s Luminous Studio engine. While the real-time rendered graphics is pretty sick, I’m actually more interested with what’s going on in the video. It has all the elements of a “decent” RPG. You have magic, blazing guns, summons, slums versus rich city setting, a beautiful girl.. that’s a whole RPG introduction right there. If only Final Fantasy XIII Versus will use this engine..

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8 Responses

  1. shinn shinn says:

    w0w! kinda remember FMA-Brotherhood on that slum…

  2. aerial11 aerial11 says:

    My first impression: holy f*** this is so awesomely epic!
    My second impression: shaky camera mode = ON

  3. nOOb360 nOOb360 says:

    ^gotta agree with both you guys there, looks awesome

  4. Phantom Phantom says:

    a really cool animation.

  5. gomi gomi says:

    too much shakey cam, could barely tell what was going on at points

  6. Juggle Juggle says:

    Where’s the GORE!!!!!? BLOOD!!!?

  7. subarashikun subarashikun says:

    its not that good… ITS THAT AWESOME!!!!

  8. mutsumi mutsumi says:

    It’s like a movie!