I could not think of a title

I think I just hit a wall. It is not rock bottom but I hit something. For the past two or three weeks I feel like I am doing so little yet everything moves so fast. Everyone seems to be making money while mine’s grinding slowly. I got my paycheck last June 1st at 12 midnight. By 8 am in the morning, I already lost 75% of it due to bills and utilities. What’s up with that? Why do we have insanely rich people getting richer and me who works a lot is getting poorer? By the way I am so happy that Facebook’s stock is plummeting like a rock. Serves them right. Also, here is a website who will pay $20 for each original Mark Zuckerberg snapshots. Facebook like to play with privacy, let’s play with his too.

Also, what’s up with those zombie stories popping out left and right? You have a guy who was eating someone at a bridge in broad daylight, a student who killed a house guest and ate the heart and brain, and someone got arrested for killing his lover and even took videos while doing it. Zombie apocalypse is upon us?

Alright, I’m bored. What are you up to guys?

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