You need to watch: Eureka Seven AO

First of all, this will most likely have spoilers. And second, since I am starting this late, this is a quick and dirty review and the screenshots will cover episodes 1 to 5 just to give you an over view of how this anime looks like.

I hate writing the plot so let us borrow from Wikipedia:

Ao Fukai is a 13-year-old boy living in the year 2025 in Okinawa on the island of Iwato Jima with Dr. Toshio Fukai ever since Ao’s mother Eureka disappeared 10 years ago. When a mysterious organization attacks the local Scub Coral, Ao somehow gets mixed up in the battle and manages to activate a mysterious robot called the Nirvash while it is being transported by the Self-Defense Forces. Later, Ao finds out that the Nirvash belonged to Eureka, and by joining her former companions of Team Pied Piper, he embarks on a journey to find his mother and learn the truth about his origins.

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To those who have watched Eureka Seven, you probably have already notice the similarities between Eureka Seven (E7) and Eureka Seven: AO (E7: AO). From the characters, to terminologies, even the setting is almost like E7. So from the get go you don’t really feel out of place, it is almost as if you know what the story is. Ao = Renton, Eureka is…well, still Eureka, Naru = Talho, Gazelle = Holland, and so on and so forth. Easily identifiable characters and even some of the plot borrows from E7 — but in a good way. I kinda feel like it is an alternate or parallel dimension of E7. Now, I do not know if this has anything to do with E7, I think it is a sequel. The possibility is there but for now it is best to treat the story as separate from E7.

Now the obvious question: Why watch this? This was made by BONES so there is no question on the animation quality. Story-wise, it kinda follows E7′s plot between humans and scub corals which to me is always a good plot. Also, there’s the mystery of where Ao came from. Which again may or may not have anything to do with Eureka Seven. The music like the animation is top notch. They have always used very catchy songs for the Eureka series, my favorite in the E7 soundtrack is Storywriter. Kinda weird but I like it.

Downside of the anime. Hmm, the same familiarity that I like may turn off some of the audience because it may seem a rehash of Eureka Seven. The series may also prove to be a bit too emo~ish. I predict Ao to experience the same troubles that Renton had when he boarded Gekkostate. Some people can’t stand whining characters but it is essential to the plot though.

If I am to score this I would probably give it a 7 or 8. Maybe 7.5? Animation is great, sound track is good and the plot is interesting enough for me. I had to deduct a few points though because it is very similar to Eureka Seven that it has me comparing the two anime series more than I would like to. Similar characters is fine but taking some plot from the original Eureka Seven might be a little too much. But that’s just me nitpicking the series. If you try to watch it with an open mind, you will be fine and would find it fun to watch.

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