Here’s something random. We have a slew of good movies this summer — Avengers, Hunger Games, The Dark Shadow, and so on. But what about the worst ones? Here’s one that will surely make you cringe (or laugh probably). Done by SyFy (yep), what happens when you cross breed a piranha and an anaconda? You get *drum roll* Piranhaconda!

Can’t get enough? Here’s another one they made back in 2010. Sharktopus!

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5 Responses

  1. pranta0013 pranta0013 says:

    Aww Man !! .. who does generates these ideas !! .. so lame !

  2. nOOb360 nOOb360 says:

    lol the graphics are… pretty bad and the acting is pretty corny as well. but the ideas aren’t bad but just not for a movie

  3. skyprince11 says:

    It must of been in the too-weird-for-even-Syfy collection.

  4. ametaratsu says:

    kinda wierd XD

  5. Luzes Luzes says:

    this is neither action nor suspense…
    it’s comedy