Periodic Table of anime characters

I am pretty sure all of us encountered this nemesis during chemistry class — the periodic table of elements. We were forced to memorize this knowing that 90% of us won’t be using this in our day to day lives. Except oxygen and H2O. Horrible, horrible times but if we had this table back then, it would’ve been a whole lot easier and a lot more fun right?


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6 Responses

  1. ZoloK says:

    Why didnt my school have one of these…

  2. Luzes Luzes says:

    i’m going to buy one if i see it on a store..

  3. ametaratsu says:

    I wonder how much it cost

  4. Darken Darken says:

    This is the best thing happen to Chemistry xD

  5. hahaha nice. i didnt had much trouble i was good at chemistry :)

  6. akosiprince says:

    id certainly become a chemist if these are the elements i would study ^^