Meet the gothic lolita Yohio

Hi everyone, I’d like you to meet Yohio, a 16-year old Swedish musician who plays for the band “Seremedy”. Yohio is a big fan of Japanese rock, has been practicing the guitar for 8 hours a day since forever and recently have earned a lot of Japanese fans.

Oh, and the Japanse media calls Yohio a bishounen or a “beautiful young BOY“.

So…yeah…wtf right? This world is screwing us hard. Anyway, moving back to the topic, after discovering Gackt when HE was 14, HE formed HIS own visual kei band. And recently HE has been promoting his “mini-album” in Japan.

Below is the video for HIS single “SKY☆LiMiT”

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16 Responses

  1. HOLY S***!!!!!! WTF, WORLD!?!??!?!?, pretty good music too btw ‘-’

  2. lili lili says:

    Excuse me mam…er i mean sir… I think you dropped something….MY JAW!! D:

  3. pranta0013 pranta0013 says:

    wth !! it’s a boy !! …. damn !!
    Maybe it’s april the 1st and someone is just messing around with a joke ! :P

  4. Overlord-G Overlord-G says:

    If it’s news from GO, of course it has to be a trap. It’s ALWAYS A TRAP! Imp would be so proud.

  5. moonray moonray says:

    nice, HE was amazing (cross-dresser) hahahaha

  6. nOOb360 nOOb360 says:

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore… but still it was amazing. btw Imp doesn’t really post on the news…

  7. keymaster says:

    Am I the only one? I find her, i mean HIM cute looking?

  8. Darken Darken says:

    traps , strikes again

  9. nOOb360 nOOb360 says:

    actually reminds me of Yuki from fruits basket… never thought people like that existed. if i never knew, i would most definitely hit on him ._.

  10. clementina says:

    omg! he’s so damn beautiful…! indeed!

  11. he is like, i cant explain x.x he is like, twilight vampire pretty, like he’s so pretty he’s not real… i feel jealous, i could probably never pull off looking that pretty and girly… =\

  12. Squark says:

    She is so exquisite. I love her soooo much!!

  13. Utomneian says:

    yeah, i am most impressed by him, his guitar ability is that on a neo-classical level, and though i wish his music was a little more in a metal or -core direction, i find that for jrock, he is one of the best in the brand i think. i also identify with the crossdressing too, but i could never be as beautiful as that; though, i am not gay, and as far as i know, Yohio is not gay either, but if we WERE gay… oh yeah, i’d tap that xD