Best of: Japanese Pranks

Posted by Emeralda at 3:21 pm, January 10, 2012 • 873 views

   Rawr, while spending the night together with hubby, we decided to have some lulz. What does a normal pair do when they search for laughs? They google for kitten videos ofcourse. One related video after another lead to Japan. You know, totally related. Anyway, hubby is now sound asleep (he’s so cute when he’s asleep~), so here, have some lols, Japan approved. And don’t tell me I don’t love you =^.^=

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  1. PaniC 01/10/2012 (3:46 pm)

    lol that water dissappeared.
    and i think that first girl was terrified

  2. silentwarriorr 01/11/2012 (8:47 am)


  3. tiga88 01/13/2012 (12:52 pm)

    the video cannot be viewed…