Literally Mind-Blowing

This is probably not for minors but you’ll click anyway right? At least I warned you.

The Journal of Emergency Medicine published a case study about a 54-year old woman who experienced memory loss after having sex with her husband. The couple went to the ER and said that she could not remember anything 24 hours before climaxing (must be one hell of a ‘gasm). According to the doctors, the woman was diagnosed with transient global amnesia, a rare and sudden episode of memory loss.

Dr. Carol Lippa, a professor of neurology explains:

”Transient global amnesia is caused by a scrambling of the memory circuits in the brain, often brought on by physical or emotional triggers. In post-coital cases, transient global amnesia may be related to changes in blood flow in the vessels that feed the brain’s memory formation areas — sort of a remote consequence of the altered blood flow that occurs during sex.”

The study also noted that 5 out of 100,000 people experience this peculiar condition each year. The memory can also be triggered by strenuous physical activity, severe pain or psychological distress.

So guys, when you are in bed and you under perform, you now have a valid excuse.

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