Women’s 9 Deadly Words

I don’t really like talking about relationships online but I admit I am in a rough spot right now and that’s probably why I find this picture so funny. No, I am not making fun of my situation but seriously, is there any guy here who can say that they know women 100%? Forgive the misspelling, I just found this on the net.

Women's 9 deadly words

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8 Responses

  1. Darken Darken says:

    Nice 9 Words o.o
    and @Yuki
    4) Don’t use IE is so true ~

  2. Phantom Phantom says:

    point 6-9. Dangerously dangerous!

  3. mutsumi mutsumi says:

    Enough said.

  4. boyong00 says:

    i don’t think its the words that are deadly.. but how they assume we (should) react about it..

  5. lili lili says:

    Lol, even though the pic is mean’t for humor it actually holds a lot of truth. xD

  6. Vortexblade Vortexblade says:

    Good thing my girlfriend has never done any of these, but she’s my princess, so I would never expect her to =p